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About Francis Ngannou - Professional Mixed Martial Artist and Boxer

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About Francis Ngannou

Professional Mixed Martial Artist and Boxer

Francis Ngannou is a Cameroonian and French professional mixed martial artist and boxer currently competing in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Previously, he was a reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion. Nicknamed "The Predator," he is known for his devastating punching power. During his UFC career, he finished seven of his fourteen fights by knockout before the two-minute mark in the first round.
Ngannou's background is one of overcoming hardship. Born in Batié, Cameroon in 1986, he faced extreme poverty and worked in a sand mine before pursuing his dream of becoming a fighter.

Our Mission

While Francis Ngannou hasn't explicitly laid out a formal vision statement, his recent moves offer clues about his goals. Ngannou's decision to join the PFL aligns with their focus on fighters. The PFL's model offers profit-sharing through pay-per-view revenue, something Ngannou has advocated for in the past. This suggests a desire for a fairer system that empowers fighters financially.

Our Vision

Furthermore, his role as Chairman of PFL Africa highlights another focus: creating opportunities in his home continent. Ngannou's journey from Cameroon to the pinnacle of MMA speaks volumes about his desire to pave the way for African fighters. By leading PFL Africa, he can provide a platform and resources for rising stars, fostering the growth of MMA in Africa.

Fight Statistics

  • 22
Total Fights
  • 17
Total Victories
  • 12
Victories by knockout
  • 5
Victories by Submision & Decisions

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